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What Is Lipotrim And How Does It Work?

Lipotrim is a reliable and maximum rate weight loss programme that was introduced into pharmacies in 2000, it was used for more than 13 years prior to this in Doctors surgeries.

Pharmacists, such as Murphy's, are able to give out Lipotrim as they are qualified in many areas, they can help you manage your weight as they already provide many health services to customers, including stop smoking services, blood pressure and cholesterol measurements and general advice on nutrition and healthy living.

Pharmacists also know when a weight problem can be managed in the pharmacy and when there is a medical problem that needs co-operation with the doctor.

The Lipotrim programme involves using Lipotrim Total Food Replacement formulas instead of regular meals in conjunction with weekly visits to your pharmacy to monitor your progress.

Murphy's Pharmacy will measure your weight and assist you with the support and encouragement you need to stick to the programme. While at Murphy's Pharmacy, you can stock up on your Lipotrim packs!

The pharmacy will assist you with getting back to eating ordinary food and introduce you to Lipotrim Maintenance products when the time is right.  They will help you maintain your new weight when you reach your desired weight goal or wish to cease the Lipotrim lifestyle.

Please contact the pharmacy if you would like to arrange a Lipotrim consultation and prices at a time outside the stated appointment slots.

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